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The northern part of Serbia, Vojvodina, it is best to meet with a visit to one of the “salaš” (farm), which translates as “protected place”, and is a trademark of Vojvodjanska plains. Staying in an authentic space tasting homemade delicacies . Enjoying good food and drink, you can spend the night in one of the farms in the authentic atmosphere with friendly hosts.

Pasta dishes are a favorite. The reason for this is again historically, since the test in Vojvodina, originating in the German and Slovak cuisine. In addition to the test used a lot meat. Vojvodina dishes are not worth talking about, and not to mention the mass, festive soup. The word, a recipe we took from the Germans, a soup is made from various kinds of meat. Once it morčija soup, and very often prepared and chicken, beef, veal, and duck, goose, turkey, pheasant, rooster and even pigeons.

As a special treat from time immemorial were in Vojvodina variety of strudel, potica, and donuts, noodles with poppy seeds, gomboce, tasci with jam, cakes and milhbrot, Koch’s and other delicacies. As a special feature preparing cakes of dough, each of which stands out strudel, taken from the aforementioned German cuisine. Known for its unique taste and method of preparation of poppy seed strudel optional ingredient of every solemn and festive table. Feast for the senses!

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