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Our wine tours are an exciting and tasteful journey! You will discover pure happiness in a little glass of finest Serbian wine. Find out why our wines are the most wanted wines in this region. You will enjoy in a calming area of near by mountain Fruska Gora and it’s fresh air and stunning nature.

Traditional Serbian ranches called „salaš“ are one of the most treasured places in Vojvodina. Witnesses of different times and historical must-see places. Here, you can taste different wines, try traditional food of some old times and enjoy and our history. The atmosphere will draw you in and show you to a time of empires but from the eye of the common people who lived there.


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Apart from enjoying in food and surrounding of raches, you can also try riding horses. Wonderful mustangs and another kind of horses are waiting to challenge you.


[/vc_tab][vc_tab title=”Golf tours” tab_id=”1477923914444-2-5″][vc_column_text]Test your virtues on fine golf fields near Novi Sad. Explore your possibilities and enjoy in wonderful nature surrounding.[/vc_column_text][/vc_tab][vc_tab title=”Hunting tours” tab_id=”1477923917475-3-7″][vc_column_text]

Check out our famous hunting areas which are most known in Europe. You can explore different forest areas all along the region. If you prefer this kind of vacation and medical treatment specific route and all conditions can be arranged.

Hunting price list            General Terms

If you prefer shooting inside, in this offer you may ask for tour that will provide you shooting in well organised shooting rooms


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The Danube is the longest river in Europe, which is flowing through Serbia.

Except on Danube, there are a lot of places in Novi Sad where you can have great fishing adventures. Private lakes are amazing places for sports fishing, relaxing and barbeque.

The most represented types of fish in Danube are: white fish (bream, roach, rudd), carp species (carp, crucian carp, or mestizo), raptors (perch, pike, catfish, asp), burbot, tostolobik and other…


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Enjoy in city sights, various restaurants and shops, check out museums and galleries with you own city guide who we can provide you.

If you choose to come in Serbia, especially in Novi Sad, you may discover one of the most interesting places in this country. This northern part of Serbia, called Vojvodina is crossed with three big European rivers such as Danube and Tisa. Every single travel visitor is amazed by the variety of beautiful sites in this area. There is a mix of exquisite traditional ranches, music, food and nature who you need to see and touch.

Fruška Gora is weather protector of the city of Novi Sad, a mountain with its incredible diversity of flora and fauna. This area is ideal for long walks mixed with wine routes that we mentioned. Apart from nature, Fruška Gora is famous pa its monasteries and orthodox churches built between 15-19th centuries by Serbian settlers from the South. Combining the European Baroque with the Byzantine traditions of the Balkans, these churches had a cultural importance as a bridge between the Southern and the Northern Serbs.


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