Doctors in Serbia

Frequently asked questions

1. Can I take someone else with me?

Of course, it can be more enjoyable and relaxing to you if there is someone to support you.

2. Will I get health insurance against complications or other problems?

Our insurance company will legaly fully protect you from any complications.

3. Why Serbia?

Serbia is best known for its long tradition and appreciated doctors in area of aesthetic medicine and dental treatments.

4. What about the language?

English is commonly used language in Serbia.

5. How long does it take to reach Serbia?

Airport Nikola Tesla in Belgrade is open for flights fromall parts of Europe. Where ever you come from, with plain you need a couple hours to get here.

6. How skillful and qualified are the doctors?

All of our doctors are highly appreciated and awarded specialist.

7. What about unexpected complications?

Before you even come to Serbia, we will provide you all your insurance papers, and you will talk with our agents and coordinators.

9. How long are the waiting times?

You will be contacted as quick as possible. If you have an emergency case, please notice that when you first contact us.

10. What about an online consultation?

Our call operators and tour consultants are at your disposal for every question 24/7.

11. Do I have to go to see a doctor in my home country before a medical tourism trip?

It depends on a treatment you want. First, you will  contact our tour coordinators, and then they will tell you what is your next step.

12. What about travel/health insurance?

This is also included in package of whole medical tour you choose.

13. What about post-treatment care?

Post-treatment care is included.

14. What if there will be any complications?

Our doctors and legal adviser will explain you every step and possible circumstances of every procedure.

15. How much will it cost?

Look for our price list.

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