The most comprehensive, team-based medical & dental care in the region. 

Wide spectrum of services to patients from overseas and their family members, ensuring them of a pleasant and comfortable experience throughout their stay.

Dental and Medical Tourism in Serbia


Medical & Dental care outside of your local healthcare systems and accompanied by a vacation!  

Procedures can be safely completed in a relatively short, “holiday-sized” time period! 


Personalised Service & Top-level Care 

Legal & Health Protection 

Extensive List of Medical & Dental Experts 

Travel and Accommodation Advice 

Medical Treatments combined with Tourism 

Medical and moral support


Full range of the most popular Medical Treatments

Top Specialists 

Outstanding Medical Facilities 

Highly Personalised Service

Comprehensive Treatment Plan 

Efficient, Cost-effective & Comfortable


We Pride Ourselves on Hospitality 

Stunning Country Retreats 

Natural Mineral Springs & Medicinal Mud Baths 

Health Resorts & Rehabilitation Centres 

Enjoy Organic Food & Quality Wine

Wellness & Spa

True Devotion to Healing

Long tradition of cooperation – Serbia / Cyprus…

Faster & Safer Health Care for You

Why choose medical services in Serbia

Why choose medical services in Serbia?

Serbia is undiscovered tresure in the world of medical treatments

Patients from around the world enjoy highly appreciated experts in Serbia…

You could be part of exciting adventure…

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100% Safe & Legal

The Cyprien agency is the first agency of merged medical services and medical consulting. Beside medical service, you will enjoy a whole service of international legal and medical protection.

You will be completely protected in any city you choose from your first consultation.

Implants & Teeth aftercare will be provided in Limassol.

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Medical services and medical consulting
Medical Treatment can be a Pleasant Holiday

Medical Treatment can be a Pleasant Holiday!

Medical appointment or dental treatment don’t have to be discomfort or unpleasant. You can go back home with a beautiful smile and with a terrific experience from impressive country!

Serbia is a terrific place!  Beautiful scenery worth seeing! Amazing tours! Friendly people! Memorable experience!

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Don’t miss great health care from most recommended clinics in Serbia for the best care in Europe


  • My heart disease requered experienced doctors. I found the best recommendations online for doctors in Serbia. They solve my malfunction and latter on providing me the best time in Serbia towns.

    Roman 60 , Cypres
Doctors in Serbia

Frequently asked questions

1. Why Serbia?

Serbia is best known for its long tradition and appreciated doctors in area of aesthetic medicine and dental treatments.

2. How skillful and qualified are the doctors?

All of our doctors are highly appreciated and awarded specialist.

3. How long are the waiting times?

You will be contacted as quick as possible. If you have an emergency case, please notice that when you first contact us.

4. What about an online consultation?

Our call operators and tour consultants are at your disposal for every question 24/7.

5. What about travel/health insurance?

This is also included in package of whole medical tour you choose.

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